Interview Room 11

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An art gallery and project space located in Ocean Terminal, Leith
Mirja Koponen: 

Founded in 2013, Interview Room 11 is an artist run gallery and project space located in Leith, Edinburgh. Previously located in Argyle House as a part of the FC+ Studios, we have now moved to occupy space in Ocean Terminal, taking on a very different context in a large retail complex.

Gallery Committee & Co-Directors
The gallery project is run by a committee consisting of artists and curators, all interested in providing a platform for emerging and early career local and international artists who require a sizeable space in which to show their work and develop their ideas, and who in some way wish to experiment and push the boundaries of their chosen practice. The gallery team are involved in all aspects of facilitating our arts space, including producing and reviewing open submission calls, installations, marketing, catalogue publishing, managing volunteer invigilators, performing various administrative tasks in support of the gallery.

Exhibition Programme
Our programme consists of a mix of committee run projects, solo and group exhibitions and select invited curatorial projects. We collaborate with the exhibiting artists on curatorial projects to bring exciting new art to Edinburgh audiences, and to support the existing artist community in Edinburgh. Our curatorial stance is ‘productive’ in the sense that each exhibition provides an opportunity for ‘testing’ the work – in relation to a different context, in relation to other practices and in relation to different kinds of work. This addresses directly the questions we collectively pose: What is it to exhibit work? How do we encounter artwork? Why do we do it, how can the work be made to ‘speak’? The gallery dais affords a perpetual research platform on which to play with the idea and custom of the exhibition model.

We are interested in experimenting with exhibition/gallery models and curating in an expanded field of theory and practice which in a contemporary context also means geographical and social expansion. As an artist led gallery and resource space we are acutely aware keen to establish and maintain dialogues with similar arts spaces, and we welcome contacts from artist run spaces around around Europe and beyond who share our interests.