Leith Civic Trust

Leith Civic Trust
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Leith Civic Trust exists

  1. to stimulate public interest in, and care for, the beauty, history and character of the area of the Leith area and its surroundings;
  2. To encourage the preservation, development and improvement of features of general public amenity, or historic interest in the Leith area;
  3. To encourage high standards of architecture and town planning in the Leith area

This can only be achieved by looking at how Leith can operate fully as a town within Edinburgh. Of course, Leith requires adequate numbers of homes for its inhabitants, but it also needs sufficient suitable work for them and adequate facilities for leisure and play.


Our main projects at present are


  • Tourism          We believe that tourism should be a significant contributor to income and job creation within Leith.
  • Map     We produced a tourism map of Leith and handed out over 50,000 in Leith and other parts of Edinburgh and the surrounding area. This is proving to be of great assistance to tourists staying in local hotels and guest houses as well as visitors to the area. The web site will support local businesses by advertising the times and details of visiting cruise ships.
  • String of Pearls             We shall use surpluses from the map to support a string of visitor attractions including Leith Custom House, Leith Theatre, Leith Rules Golf, plus possibly Trinity House Museum, South Leith Parish Church, and Leith Police Station, Court and Leith Council Chamber and others.
  • Wall Plaques   You will see several plaques on buildings around Leith with the logo of Leith Civic Trust. These were erected by Leith Enterprise Trust in 1981 – 1986. We hope to add others, but this will need to be a partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council.
  • Open Spaces Review   This is our second review. It will calculate the numbers and extent of open spaces in Leith, and to encourage their full usage for recreation. We can compare the extent now with that available in 1999 taking into consideration a considerable increase in the population in areas of Leith.
  • Planning Considerations          The community councils in Leith now undertake the detailed consideration of planning applications in their areas. We still look at major projects and consider their implications for Leith.