Ragged University

Connection with Leith: 
Working in and around Leith with various communities and organisations
Alex Dunedin: 

Ragged University is a project where the community creates events in social spaces and we get to learn from each other in relaxed ways. The whole idea started when four friends learned about the Ragged Schools and thought that peer led education would work again but at a higher education level. Sitting around a table in a pub in Hackney – the concept of the Ragged University was born… it was obvious to us that everyone enjoyed letting their hair down and sharing what sparked their interests; the particular focus was when work is play which meant that we were interested in people who loved what they did – people who had an intrinsic appreciation of their subject. We believe that free and universal education is a right of everyone and that this idea should be at the centre of this project to update the philanthropic history of the Ragged Schools which brought about positive pragmatic changes in the United Kingdom. Not only this, but it is about respecting and recognizing that every culture, and every age has it’s own tradition of free education at the core of the community. The Ragged University project is about learning from all the traditions of free education and making them live through practice.