The State (Leith) CIC

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Based in Leith
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The State is an innovative Hip Hop Education organisation based in Leith, Edinburgh. 

We aim to inspire young people to have fun with Hip Hop and to provide positive role models through professional Hip Hop artists, demonstrating to young people that a career in the arts is possible. Our work with young people increases confidence, wellbeing and social skills through the medium of Hip Hop. We employ a joint approach of youth worker and tutor to enable the young people to get the most out of every session. We are committed to widening engagement with culture, to providing access to and participation in cultural activities thereby enriching people’s lives through arts and creativity. We are committed to inclusion, and providing help and guidance to communities to overcome social, educational, physical and economic inequalities. We aim for young people to be accepted as full members of the communities in which they live and learn. We aim to support young people in Scotland to flourish and achieve in and through the arts and creativity and to establish Scotland as an international leader for Hip Hop arts and creativity.